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A message to everyone

Start from within / Honor yourself. Value your life-force.

A message to everyone who took a certified training course in US. (It’s time to reinforce your inherent healing potential.)

The Society for Harmonic Science
Keiichiro Kita

Hello everyone, I sincerely hope you are all well.
Below is an important message from us at the Society for Harmonic Science regarding the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and what we recommend that you could do in terms of Kita Sound Healing.

What we need to do right now?
At the moment, we are all burdened with such confusion and worry. It is likely that many of us may be making our decisions and basing our actions out of fear. When we are collectively fear based, this creates a magnetic field of worry and anxiety around us that we just keep feeding with negative energy (“Science and the Akashic Field / An Integral Theory of Everything by Dr. Irvin Laszlo). If we continue to feed this negativity, it is likely that we will create an even more desperate situation in the future.

Could we think of the current situation as being an example of how worry and fear has accumulated in our subconscious and has manifested as this virus? This is what the British philosophical writer James Allen called cause and effect.

Right now, the most important thing we can do for ourselves is to be careful of what we are focusing our energies on. If we imagine that whatever we put our mind to is what exactly what will be manifested then, focusing on gratitude, kindness and love will manifest this. By continually focusing on gratitude and love then this is what we shall reap for ourselves and those around us. In order to get positive effect we cause it by thinking and acting positively right now.

Dr. Andrew Weil Says that [if we want to lessen the symptoms of illness, we shouldn’t focus on the illness itself as this gives it momentum and makes it harder to heal]. By focusing more on good health, harmony and happiness instead of the illness, we activate a spontaneous self-healing mechanism in our body and can maintain this health. We need to start focusing on health instead of purely focusing on the Corona virus.
The Kita Peace Machine is a tool that supports the maintenance of a healthy body. If we focus on happiness, gratitude and love then we feel happy and we all know that laughter strengthens our immune system.

Since we are faced with such a serious situation at the moment, we can take this opportunity and use our consciousness to create a luminous magnetic field by using words of gratitude and affirmation. Concentrating on this will dilute our connection to the negative field and bring us closer to living a life of divine purpose.

We are living in a time of dramatic change with rough seas ahead with much confusion and disconnect. More than ever, now is the time to connect with your true being. Now is the best time to set your intentions for what sort of a future you want. We must trust our intuition and move graciously in the direction of where we want to go. By deepening our connection with others, the Society for Harmonic Science will show strength, kindness and unity. We need to take care just how much we let the information on the news negatively affect us. It is easy to quickly become insecure, fearful and isolated. Now is the time to use the Kita Peace Machine for ourselves in order to activate our extraordinary life-force energy.

There are 5 things you can do today to prevent disease and strengthen your immune system.

1. Drink plenty of water frequently. Our bodies are about 60% water but as we age this amount decreases. Us Japanese believe that water is alive.
Drinking water is fundamental to having a healthy body. Before drinking, I recommend you hold the cup in your hands, and say words of gratitude like ‘Infinite Gratitude’ about 10 times or more. The molecules in the water are enlivened by the vibration through our hands and from our words and will be ready to drink. Water molecules are much smaller at around 0.38nm. Water helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients around the body. It helps eliminate waste, it regulates body temperature and keeps the body in homeostasis. It is essential for life. Water cleans us on the inside due to the fact that it can dissolve other things at nano-micro level. I also recommend to drink something warm to heat up our insides especially on cold mornings. (For me this is a tried and tested method which I was able to put to the test over 40 years ago when I was travelling abroad and became ill).

2. As much as is possible let’s try to eat a balanced diet of fresh, organic foods.
Please eat what you feel is a balanced diet according to your own needs.

3. Exercising and taking baths to warm the body from the core.
Keeping our internal body warm helps to increase the power of the immune system.

4. Always have nature sound CD playing in your living space.
(nature sound waves can actually purify air).

I think that many of you are already playing CD’s of nature sounds 24 hours a day, but remember that the further you are from the speaker the less significant the healing power becomes. Sound that is so subtle that you can have a conversation over it becomes something that we feel on the skin rather than listen to with our ears so it is a good idea to set up the speakers in close proximity to you. Perhaps place the speaker on a table as you would a bunch of flowers. It has been scientifically proven that these natural sounds can increase the amount of oxytocin and serotonin in the bloodstream and reduce the amount of cortisol thus recovering the balance of the autonomic nervous system.
Hawaii Tourism Japan https://www.allhawaii.jp/article/4185/ (15minutes)
Website of SHS https://www.sound-healing.jp/the-power-of-nature/index.html (5 minutes sample)

5. Try to have the Kita Peace Machine to hand so its readily usable.
Perhaps you could place it on the bedside table or next to the sofa maybe on a trolley.
When you are tired it will help you to recover mentally and physically even if you use it for 3 minutes.

Using the Kita Peace Machine (for disease prevention and self-healing)

(1) Lying on your back or seated on a chair or sofa.
(2) Place the sound cushion on your stomach with both hands and slowly move around for tracks 1-3.
Placing the sound cushion on your stomach actually activates the gut flora. Use the pressure of 3 fingers of each hand with the middle finger in the middle placed on the cushion circulating the cushion from left to right of the belly button. (Use your own instinct as to which way to move the cushion). Remember to breathe slowly as you move the cushion. As you breathe in, slowly move the cushion about 2 inches and then keeping the cushion still as you breathe out. When you do breathe in, try to say words such as ‘Infinite Gratitude’ and as you breathe out say or think affirmations like ‘May peace prevail on earth’, ‘health for everyone’.
So, as you breathe in, you are sending the vibration of gratitude and health to our own physical bodies and as we breathe out, we are wishing for the health and happiness of our families, friends and our wider communities.

※For those of you who own the large square cushion of the Kita Peace Machine, when you use it lying down you can place the large cushion under your knees or under your head like a pillow and hold the small round cushion with your hands moving it slowly and enjoy having the sound vibration coming from 2 places. If using while seated you can place the large cushion under your feet or behind your mid or lower back. The round cushion on its own though is enough to help the body to homeostasis.

(3) Why do we place the cushion on our stomach?
Our intestine holds the power to help prevent infection and other illness.
a. 1 billion nerve cells live in the intestine.
b. 100 trillion bacterial micro-organisms live in the intestine.
c. 70% of our immune cells (2 trillion of them) live in the intestine.
It is well known now that our internal organs communicate with each other and are not just dependent on commands from the brain. There are 1 billion nerve cells in the intestine so it is often referred to as our second brain. About 100 trillion intestinal bacteria live in the intestine. There are also 2 trillion immune cells in the body 70% of which also live in the intestine.
When a pathogen enters for example the mouth, our immune system nerve cells are activated and the intestine releases antibodies to protect us from symptoms of the virus.
Recent cutting-edge scientific research has revealed that the intestine is the source of the body’s immune system. Immune cells patrol the gut and when needed they pass through the blood all over the body. The gentle soundwaves generated by the Kita Peace Machine(20Hz -150 Hz)gently palpitate and activates immune cells and gut flora.

(4) When you have time place the cushion on your collarbone for tracks 4 & 5.
(1) Lying on your back or in a seated position on a chair or sofa.
(2) The sound vibrates into the collarbone and activates the working of the lymph system.

The lymph is like the sewage system of the body as it gets rid of waste products. As the lymph is situated just below the collar-bone we can help to accelerate its process.

(5) Another reason for transmitting vibrations through the collarbone.
There are about 200 bones in the body. It is thought that immune cells are created in bone marrow. It has been proven that stimulating bones with vibration encourages immune strength and also memory function, muscle function and has anti-aging results.
The body sonic speaker works on bone transmission. Sound can actually pass through bones. When compared to a normal type of speaker it is particularly efficient at being able to transmit sound vibrations into the body. You have all learned how sound travels in waves through the air at 340 meters per second, through water at about 1500mps、and through bones at 5600mps. As the transmission speed is so fast, bones seem to be the best conductor of sound and the best medium for sound healing. Bone conduction with sound from a specially designed speaker also feels very pleasurable for the body. Dr. Hideo Itokawa noted in his theory of bone conductivity that even when transmitted onto just one bone the sound travels throughout the whole body.

(6) How to treat the Kita Peace Machine.
In my family there is an heirloom passed down from my father which are two katana (Japanese sword). Both swords are about 700 years old. These swords are said to have their own spirit. I was told that they reflect the soul of the person holding them. The Kita Peace Machine is the same, it too reflects what is in the heart of its owner. I feel that we should treat the sound machines with care just like the katana.
Remember to wipe the amp and sound cushion and electric cords with a cloth. Hold the Peace Machine in your hands and express words of thanks to it over and over. This will strengthen it and it will be less unlikely to break down. Like the katana, the Kita Peace Machine is special and it will work for you through your hands. Some of you have had the Kita Peace Machine for more than 25 years. Please make the Kita Peace Machine a lifelong companion and treat it with care.

I wanted to impart this information for those who have a Kita Peace Machine and take a certified training course in US. Please do give my recommendations a try as an experiment. Everyone will have their own unique experience with this but we all have an extraordinary life vitality within us. I would like us to make an even healthier and happier life together.

Everybody please take good care of yourselves.
May peace prevail on earth
Harmonic Day